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Important Safety Information for the Holiday Commuter

It’s the holiday time again, and what an exciting time of year this is. People are steadily becoming more social, visiting family and friends and exploring the idea of vacation time. With all of the imminent travel increases, one should start taking more precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of your family. Here is some more information about safety concerns during this time of year, as well as some tips and tricks on how you can manage the festive buzz.

The Holiday Nightmare in October

People start the planning of their big events in the month of October with the first of the big holidays, Halloween. During this time, dressing up and going out can be a gloriously fun evening for all. However, this holiday tends to bring with it the celebration of the younger generation, who are likely indulging in activities other than trick or treating. Alcohol plays an important role during this time, and is the number 1 safety factor to consider when out on the roads. Not drinking and driving is a must on all occasions, but especially in the case of Halloween where neighbourhoods full of dressed up children are out and about.
According to the World Health Organisation, South Africa stands at the top of the list for drunken driving fatalities. This statistic, while scary enough, is further supported by the fact that these accidents increase at record high spikes during the holiday season. Here is an image which further explains the impact of alcohol on driver safety.

Car and Road Safety Stats with Future Express

The End of Year Bash

When the hard work of the previous year is done, people start to experience more and more of the greater pleasures in life. For most, this includes spending more time with loved ones and simple celebrations with friends. However, there is also an influx of companies and organisations needing to wrap up their years’ work with a bang. Social end of year functions are a great means of getting employees to reminisce on the events of the year and also to get ready to a fresh in the following year.
While personal safety is up to employees themselves, companies can easily take it upon themselves to ensure the well-being of all their staff during these events by taking on the responsibility of the fetch and carry before and after their events. Shuttle services are a great example of this, ensuring that intoxicated or fatigued end-of-year party-goers get home safely. Future- Express can provide such with their safe, luxurious transport and transfers, and provides a better alternative to risking the latter.

Christmas and all its concerns

Christmas time is one for family, be they near or far. For drivers, this means an increase of families with fully packed cars on the roads, headed to destinations of love. Christmas is also a time for increased eating. After a large Christmas meal, some might feel particularly tired. This combined with a long drive home could be a recipe for disaster. Therefore, with this influx of drivers, one must ensure that extra precautions are taken when travelling.

Here are some tips you can take before a long road trip during the holidays:

  1. Drive only the best. Roadworthy vehicles that can get you from A to B safely and securely are the only option during the holidays.
  2. Turn on your GPS BEFORE you leave. Knowing your exact location can save you time, as well as keep you safely on the right path. However, ensure that this is done before the trip starts to avoid trying to manage this while driving.
  3. Don’t allow for distractions. Talking on your phone, reading messages or wearing earphones while driving anywhere is a dangerous combination. Make sure your only focus is the road.
  4. Take regular breaks. Driver fatigue can be extremely harmful, especially on very long trips. Make sure you are well rested before any venture.
  5. Be aware of others. Keeping an eye of other drivers on the road makes you proactive in a dangerous situation. This will help you avoid reckless drivers and keep you and your family out of harm’s way. Make sure you report any behaviour that could potentially endanger others to authorities.

Overall, the most important factor to consider during the holidays is the safety and well-being of family and loved ones. Use the information provided wisely, and ensure that you follow all of the given tips and tools. If you feel the need to take the pressures and responsibilities of driving away from this holiday season, contact Future Express for all your transport needs.