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Hyundai H1 – Have Enough Room On The Road This Festive Season

It’s that time of the year again where families are gearing up, preparing to head to their different holiday destinations. As much as this is a period filled with excitement and anticipation, it’s also met with the frustration of planning and assembling of details. This is why Future Express has taken the liberty of sorting out one finer detail for you – which is to suggest and offer you the ideal family car that will provide you with ample space, ease of use and good entertainment for the road.

Allow us to introduce you to the Hyundai H1; a model known as a “perennially popular people mover” that has become a serious contender and rival in the small bus, panel van and multi-cab segments. The Hyundai H1 was originally launched in 2009 and has become the South Korean automotive manufacturer’s leading & popular product. 10 493 units were sold since its local launch and the market has been receptive of the model for various reasons; with the main one being particularly its driveability and economy provided by the diesel engine. However, the attraction and appeal for the H1 grew after it underwent a facelift in 2016 that brought about new features and exciting additions.

The refreshed exterior for starters, now includes a new grille design along with an all-new front bumper. It also sports new 16-inch redesigned alloy wheels, which complete the subtle facelift. The more major alterations have taken place with the interior and it now has a refreshed centre facia and a modern-looking dashboard. There’s also a fully automatic air conditioning system, electric folding mirrors, a chilled glove box, cruise control and a steering wheel and gearknob adorned in leather. The steering wheel this time has multi-function controls and the audio system gets Bluetooth connectivity.

The Hyundai H1 guarantees ample space for multiple passengers and whatever items that may need room such as luggage, tents, sports equipment, bikes, etc. It has 851 litres of luggage space and a cabin interior with great visibility. The vehicle is meant to carry nine passengers and has plenty of legroom with ventilation outlets. Speaking of ventilation – this is a feature crucial to have in a car given the hot weather we face during the festive season. The Korean bus has air conditioning vents in each row ideal for travelling long distance in summer.

Hyundai H1 - Family Car & Safe Shuttle services with Future Express

When combining performance and fuel efficiency; whether it is between the 2.4-litre multi-point injection petrol engine or 2.5-litre CRDi turbo diesel engine, the H1 oozes excellent performance and fuel economy. Its fuel consumption is a clear advantage as it’s something to consider as a priority regarding long distances and wanting to save on as much costs as possible. Wheels24’s Janine Van der Post shared her own views on the Hyundai H1 after driving down for family trip and she mentioned that “Another bonus is its fuel consumption.

The 2.5-litre proved to be very frugal. Figures are claimed at 9.8-litres/100km but on a good day, I managed 8.8-litres/100km. With a full load of passengers, and enough food to feed an army, I expected 11.1 or 12.0-litres/100km.”

Hyundai H1 - Family Car & Safe Shuttle services with Future Express

One cannot discuss a family car and not touch on the safety features that are offered in order to ensure the protection of loved ones. The first safety feature Hyundai H1 provides is a Rear Park Distance Control that warns you of any objects that may be hidden behind you. This enables you to reverse safely and park easily. The other protection features are:

Driver Airbag
Passenger Side Airbag
ABS with EBD
Auto Locking Doors
Remote Keyless Entry and Alarm

Speaking of features, Hyundai has the option of adding accessories to make sure that rides – especially long-distance ones – are as entertaining and as comfortable as can be. The following accessories are interior attributes and come as standard when purchasing the Hyundai people carrier:

Map Lights
Drop Down DVD Players For Passengers
Double Glovebox
Dual Door Pockets
Sunglasses Case
Front & Rear Seat Aircon

The exterior accessories include:

Tilting Doors
Flush Glass
Fog Lamps
Rear Combination Lamps
Chrome Grill
Keyless Entry & Alarm
Door Lamps

Speak to us today at Future Express about how we can help you have the most memorable trip this festive season. You can trust us to get you to your destination, on time and in style, safe and secure!

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